Spring, the best time of the year to get a Seasonal Acupuncture Tune-up.
The winter has been relentless this year in New England with cold temperatures and frequent storms making the most hearty go stir crazy. Though it may not feel like it, spring is slowly making its way here.  Though not externally perceptible with green buds and warmer temperatures, internally we are changing as felt through our pulses.
Traditionally Chinese medicine was used as a way to stay healthy through the transitions in life, whether it is a seasonal change, grief from a loss, trauma, or another pivotal moment. You would see your acupuncturist for a ‘tune-up’ to help your body adjust internally to the external changes in your surroundings and climate.

If you only get one acupuncture tune-up a year, SPRING is the time to do it. Why?

For many it is the toughest transition of the year. Shedding off the layers of winter, feeling stir crazy as the spring energy buds up both figuratively outside as well as internally. If you pay attention you’ll notice a little more road rage driving around, feeling a bit more frisky (spring love), increased frustration, and a need to MOVE! This is the liver energy, in its various manifestations.
Spring is the time of the liver which in Chinese medicine is related to the muscles and tendons, anger and irritability, the eyes, and detoxing (diet, alcohol, medications, pollutants etc).

How do you help your liver at home? 
In the coming weeks or months you may find yourself craving more leafy greens, fresh salads, and lighter foods. Spring is the best time of the year to detox or do a cleansing diet eliminating sugar, alcohol, dairy and other strong foods. Gentle movement, exercising and fresh air are great for the liver. Go outside and soak in the fresh shades of green (the color of the liver) that you will see sprouting in nature in the coming weeks.
Need more support?
Come in for an acupuncture treatment to smooth out your liver, calm your mind, help with seasonal allergies and shed the winter blues.